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Over 20,000 years ago!

Cave Paintings in France

Cave paintings found in the Dordogne region of France confirm the medicinal use of plants and oils for healing and wellness.

Egypt Leads the Way

Ancient Egypt

Egyptians, the first to create a large-scale civilization, begin using essential oils in medicine, perfumery and cosmetology.

Chinese Medicine


Emperor Huang Ti authors a book on internal medicine that contains instructions for the distillation and creation of aromatic oils. This book is still referenced by modern practioners of Eastern medicine today.

Ancient India

Ayurvedic Medicine

Over 700 oils and medicines are referenced in Ayurvedic literature. Essential oils are used to help stop the spread of the Bubonic Plague in rural India.

Hypocrites Utilizes Essential OIls

Greeks travel to Egypt

The Greeks travel to Egypt to learn from their extensive and rich knowledge of essential oils. The "Father of Medicine", Hypocrites, documents the medicinal benefits of over 300 plants.

Distillation method of oils is discovered


Ali-lbn Sana writes numerous books recording the beneficial properties of over 800 plants. He is the first to distill oils in the method used today.

European Crusades

Western Eurpoe

Knights and their armies come into contact with essential oil practitioners. They bring their knowledge of distillation and essential oil use back with them to Western Europe.

Essential Oils Will Soon Head West

Extensive Use in Europe

Frankincense and pine are burned to ward off "evil spirits" during the Bubonic Plague of the 14th century. Fewer people died of the plague in areas where these oils were used! In 1653, Nicholas Culpeper writes, "The Complete Herbal", describing conditions and remedies utilizing essential oils. In 1910, the French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse introduces the term "aromatherapy". He discovers the healing power of Lavender Essential Oil after suffering a burn to his hand.  Lavender is introduced into French hospitals.  Lavender oil is used to combat the Spanish Flu outbreak after WWI.  The Western world is gaining interest and awareness of "nature's miracle".

Mind, Body, Spirit

Essential Oils Today

As people turn to alternative sources for health and wellness, Essential Oils become a household staple. Used for their therapeutic benefits,  Essential Oils are utilized by millions who recognize the chemical-free benefits of nature's powerhouses. 

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