Ann Robbins, PCC

Ann’s Journey/Discovery/Transformation

Most of my career was spent in corporate environments, and I prioritized my career over listening to my body. Overall I was healthy, I was successful and had created a career for myself that helped people identify the gap between where they are and where they aspired to be. I truly believed I was fulfilled with a life of love, a happy marriage, successful grown children and beautiful grandchildren, and a rewarding career. In 2004 I embarked on a new path, launching my own coaching and consulting business. Yes, again, I was focused on career.

It wasn’t until I was injured in 2015 that everything changed. I broke my femur tripping over the dog gate in my kitchen and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital for immediate surgery.  Suddenly I had a 12” plate screwed into my leg holding my bone together, a 12” incision scar and was wheelchair bound. I was blessed to be able to continue my work from home and take the recovery time I needed, but for the first time in my life, my body didn’t feel like it belonged to me. I was physically weak and in pain. I was constricted in movement. I was trapped in a wheelchair! And I wasn’t healing as well as I knew I could. I wanted— no, I needed— to get back to being me. 

When a friend suggested essential oils specifically for bone healing and regrowth I will admit I nearly laughed out loud! I was skeptical, how could an oil fix anything when we have modern science and medicine?! But by then I was desperate to do anything so I tried it.  And six weeks later even my doctor exclaimed that the results were phenomenal. 

Literally, after six weeks of using these essential oil formulas, I went in for a scan and check-up. My doctor was floored, he couldn’t believe my recovery progress including new bone growth. And my scar was healing perfectly! Unheard of! 

That was a turning point in my life in terms of my career, passion and beliefs. I felt I had a new mission to explore a world supplemented with essential oils and to share this knowledge with millions of others. Up until then, my entire career had been about helping people find their dream job, amazing relationship, or loving partner. Now, I help people find their optimal health. 

Through my own transformative journey, I’ve realized how critically important it is for people to have resources that truly promote health rather than simply suppressing symptoms. Typical healthcare in this country is about treating symptoms. It can be toxic due to chemicals in drugs and reactive instead of holistic and proactive. The use of oils can redefine what it feels like to be truly healthy without the chemicals and toxins of our modern life.

Life can be better once you commit to a monumental shift in how you perceive holistic health and utilize the gifts of nature to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. Let me help take you there!


Ann Robbins

Certified Essential Oils Coach

Certified Health Coach